Tiger's Eye Stars

Tiger's Eye Stars

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Main stone:         Tiger’s Eye

Colour:                   Yellow to Golden Brown with black or yellow banding        

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A beautiful stone that embodies the courage, power, strength, intelligence, and fearlessness of the Tiger. Regarded as a powerful all-seeing and all-knowing talisman.

An amplifier that will boost the energies of any other crystal or stone.

A very protective stone harnessing the fire energy of the sun that will ward off and remove negative energies, fear, and provide protection against accidents and physical harm from other humans.

A high vibrational stone of health that enhances human energy fields and creates an aura of power and vitality.

Will stimulate psychic abilities and help one to attune to higher energies.

Balances the Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Heart, and Third Eye Chakras.

An excellent stone for manifestation, attracting wealth, prosperity, love, and luck to all areas of your life while providing you with the confidence needed to maintain it.

A perfect stone for bringing in wealth, boosting money flow, and creating opportunities for expansion for business owners, traders, gamblers, and entrepreneurs.

Will curb unnecessary and excessive spending by practicing good judgement and clarity.

Bestows self-confidence, self-worth and personal power encouraging us to make even the toughest decisions based on our inner wisdom rather than on outside influences.

Will help one to accomplish goals through enhanced focus, creativity, willpower, commitment, and conviction.

This stone will bring emotional stability, growth, and wisdom allowing you to release resentment and dispel fear, anxiety, and insecurities.

Encourages you to let go of the old and embrace new opportunities, great for switching careers, preparing for a test, or researching for new projects.

Promotes cooperation, partnership, and fidelity in relationships.

Aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming.  Place under your pillow to experience messages or visions more clearly.

The best stone to have for determining the best course of action to take to resolve a crisis as it will promote clear thinking and bravery.

Will help you to see if people in your life can be trusted or not.


Benefits those suffering from mental health problems or personality disorders.

Helps fight addictive behaviours.

Clears sinus congestion.

Helps with vision problems.

Increases metabolism and energy levels.

Aids in healing broken bones, spinal, and neck injuries.

Detoxifies the body.

Aids in building resistance to infections and enhances resiliency