Stepping Stones Crystals

Crystals have always had a special place in my heart.  Without consciously understanding their power, I have always been drawn to their beauty.  My kids amassed quite a collection from my business travels as they always seemed to be my go to gifts for them!  Once I really started to research and learn about the different crystals and their properties, I realized just why I had been so drawn to them for myself and my kids.

Crystals really are gifts from Mother Earth.  Foraged from within the Earths' crust where they were formed millions of years ago, crystals are renowned for both their beauty and the secrets they hold within.  Some are said to hold the knowledge of the ancient civilizations Lemuria and Atlantis, while others harness the power of the stars whether it be the Sun or the Moon.  Crystals help our souls and physical bodies connect to both the celestial and Mother Earth.  They can aid us in healing our emotional, physical, and spiritual beings.  When we program them with our intentions, they become powerful guides to align us with our soul paths revealing our true desires so that we can navigate and flow through this life on Earth with more ease and grace.  Crystals will not only help us connect with the higher realms to receive spiritual guidance but they will also ground and protect us here on this physical plane.  We are all unique individuals with our own lessons to learn, traumas to release and shadow work to be done.  Crystals cannot replace the work each one of us has to do to obtain spiritual and emotional growth, however, they are certainly a powerful ally when your intention is set.  They can be very useful tools to help centre us, providing us with the motivation, and positive energies to triumph over these challenges that we all face.  Crystals are ready and willing to help us open new gateways within ourselves and ultimately obtain higher levels of consciousness.  Whether it be for relationships and love, financial wealth and abundance, grounding and chakra alignment, physical healing, or protections from EMF radiations, crystals can aid us.  Last but not least, one cannot forget the sheer beauty crystals possess.  Just looking at these beautiful stones can bring you closer to the ocean, forest, or simply nature itself.  Crystals can be a reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for which will in turn encourage us to greet each day with love, joy, and a renewed sense of adventure!  

I am still amazed by all of the wonderful benefits crystals bestow upon us.  They have helped me in so many ways, and I believe everyone, and every home can benefit from their beauty, protection, and uplifting energetic vibrations. I also feel that many special events such as weddings, home births, and funerals would welcome both the beauty and wonderful supportive energies that crystals have to offer. 

Stepping Stones is my small online business born out of my love of crystals and a gentle nudge from the universe!   Whether your are looking for a smaller palm stone or a large tower, I can provide you with the perfect quality piece.  Being that larger pieces may not be an option or accessible to all for purchase, I can also loan crystals to assist with these special events.   All of the crystals offered are ethically sourced, cleansed, and infused with reiki energy.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to offer these crystals to you and believe that with the right intentions, they will enhance your life as much as they have mine!

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me....

With much Love and Gratitude,