Sodalite Sphere Mini
Sodalite Sphere Mini
Sodalite Sphere Mini

Sodalite Sphere Mini

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Main stone:            Sodalite

Colour:                      Shades of blue and indigo with white

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Sodalite is a must have for students.  It has become known as Poets Stone for its ability to help you communicate articulately as well as Thinkers Stone for its ability to enhance intelligence, rationality, bring clarity of the mind and stimulate your thought processes.

A great stone to help you increase your focus, productivity, and efficiency.

Will promote better decision making and give you sound judgement.

Spiritually known to bring clarity of mind, creativity, wisdom, and the beauty of the cosmos to the beholder. Simply gazing at the beauty of the stone is said to open higher realms of consciousness.

This stone is said to represent truth, honesty, introspection, and a long meaningful life.

The perfect guide for shamanic journeying with its ability to provide clarity to visions and impart new wisdoms.

Sodalite will help to heal heart aches, calm your emotions, and impart a sense of peace.

Great for meditating as it will help to clear mental fog, increase awareness, allow for clearer visions, and help you to provide a clearer interpretation of the guidance that may come through.

Helps to strengthen psychic abilities and divination.

Provides emotional balance, an inner peace, and cleanses the aura.

Excellent stone for artists, actors, and performers as it instills confidence, creativity, and communication.

Sodalite will help you to release emotional baggage that is holding you back from communicating honestly and clearly in your relationships without being accusatory or hurtful.

This stone will give you the courage to recognize and change bad habits and repeating behaviours that no longer serve you.

A great stone for bringing love into your life.  Will also help in cleansing out any negative energies like anger, resentment, or jealousy that is plaguing your relationship, and replacing them with love, commitment, and forgiveness.

Sodalite will help you to improve your intuition, trust your instincts, be true to yourself, and allow you to stand up for what you believe in.


Helps to purify the organs and help them to function optimally.

Boosts the immune system and protects against sickness.

Increases metabolism and improves digestion.

Lowers blood pressure.

Great for alleviating side effects of chemotherapy treatments and stabilizing energy levels.

Helps to relieve anxiety attacks and promotes a better sleep.

Helps with endocrine problems, water retention, and liver cleansing.

Alleviates travel sickness.

Helps to harmonize glands due to its high content of salt, manganese, and calcium.

Sodalite Sphere Mini