Shungite Cube
Shungite Cube
Shungite Cube

Shungite Cube

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Main stone:               Shungite


Colors present:         Black

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                  3.5 to 4  (Mohs Scale)


A powerful protective and grounding stone strongly associated with the root chakra and Mother Earth.

Known as the neutralizer, Shungite will balance the yin (female) and yang (male) energies within our bodies.

Offers powerful electromagnetic radiation protection from your devices.

Shungite will work to cure all that you have been ignoring and restore a sense of peace and calm and happiness.

A very dense, low vibrational and intense stone that may be too much for some people to work with right away.

Acts as an amplifier for magical practices and meditation due to its ability to conduct electricity and boost the power of electromagnetic fields.  It has even been reported to boost weak wi-fi!

Use Shungite in meditation to visualize your goals and desires and it will act as a conductor of your energy and project it towards those desires.

Can provide you with a deeper insight and clearer path on where you want to go in life.

Very powerful in grounding, protection, healing and purifying. Can provide cloaking abilities to hide you from and deflect negative and toxic energies.

Will assist you in filtering out any nonsense in a relationship and get right down to the core of any issues or problems that may arise.

Enhances your assertiveness and feelings of self-confidence, dispelling doubt and fear.

A perfect stone for empaths to protect them from soaking up other people’s emotions.


Cleans and cleanses impurities.

Can ease acne, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia.

Assists you in seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and thus helps in the prevention of future illnesses.

Shungite Cube