Serpentine Free Form
Serpentine Free Form
Serpentine Free Form

Serpentine Free Form

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Main stone:             Serpentine

Colour:                       Green

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A curse breaking stone used historically to protect against bad luck, malicious intent, black magic, and to detect evil.

Will aid in the development of deep inner peace, personal strength, and serenity making you a natural repellant to negative energies and a magnet for positive energies.  A truly dualistic stone in this regard and unique characteristic among crystals. A truly one fits all situations crystal!

Placing this stone in a room will promote positivity and prevent people from becoming emotionally charged.

Placing this stone on your throat will allow you to objectively review the past and open communication with others to promote healing.

A great stone to have when your career is in a highly competitive industry to ward off bad intentions while also showcasing yourself in a positive light increasing your chances for promotions or new career opportunities.

Green is a highly abundant color and Serpentine will not disappoint in prosperity and monetary gains.  The spiritual energy of this crystal will allow you to manifest anything and all you desire in all areas of your life.

Will help you to attract people who align with your energies thereby protecting you from those who have ill intentions.

An excellent stone for mediation, shamanic journeying, regression, or progression therapy, and awakening the Kundalini energy allowing for intense psychic and spiritual experiences.

Facilitates a healthy flow of energy through the body clearing out the stagnant and stuck energies.  Will clear, develop, and expand the Hara Line and detoxify the Hara chakra.

Serpentine has a deep connection with nature and carrying it with you will align your energy field with the Earth thereby supporting healing and invigorating the body.  This stone will also open communication with the animal and plant kingdoms.

Encourages you to view the future optimistically without fear and promotes a sense of independence and self-confidence.

A great tool for therapists who utilize the Emotional freedom Technique (EFT) as this stone will help you to integrate emotions and situations into your life positively.

Protective of electromagnetic and energetic pollution by insulating one’s aura.

Balances mood swings, relieves feelings of nervousness or stress, and aids with focus.

Strongly aligned with the heart chakra, this stone will encourage compassion for both yourself and others and increase your innate healing abilities.  Will connect your lower chakras with your higher chakras creating a state of homeostasis.    


Corrects mental and emotional imbalances.

Aids in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia by correcting low blood sugar.

Eliminates parasites from the skin and hair and detoxifies the blood and body.

Aids in the absorption of magnesium and calcium.

Aids in longevity by ensuring the immune system is functioning optimally.

Helps with digestive issues.

Will help with muscular or menstrual pain relief.

Aids in cellular and tissue regeneration and replenishing energy levels.

Aids with heart, kidney, and stomach issues.

Alleviates symptoms brought on by Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

Eases insect bites or stings.

Aids in skin inflammations, eczema, varicose veins, and wart removal.

Can overcome emotional binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia.

Serpentine Free Form