Selenite Plate
Selenite Plate
Selenite Plate
Selenite Plate

Selenite Plate

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Main stone:               Selenite


Colors present:         White

Size:                            Approx: 8 cm x 4 cm x 1.5 cm

Weight:                       Approx: 135g

Hardness:                   2  (Mohs Scale)


A sacred crystal that resonates with the crown chakra and Divine Feminine energy.  Selenite embodies purity, and a strong connection with the angelic realm as well as with the Greek moon goddess Selene.

Acts as an amplifier for any crystal placed on top of it.  Also has the ability to clear negative energy from other crystals.

A calming and tranquil stone that will fade away worries and anxiety, tossing fears aside.  Place around the house to bring in pure and clear energy.  Loves sunlight so ensure it gets some sun!

One of the most powerful clearing and healing stones in the world.  Perfect for spiritual rejuvenation as selenite channels energy and gives it to those in need.

A protective stone against psychic attacks.  Place beside doorways to ward off bad spirits.

Selenite can be placed under the pillow or bed for a better sleep.

Selenite will help to clear any mental fog surrounding psychic visions during meditation.

An excellent stone for building trust in our intuitions and letting in the energies that will enable us to recognize the synchronicities and hints given to us by the higher realms.

Awakens and enhances telepathic abilities.

Selenite enhances mental sharpness and agility and will help to shed light on the things that most require our attention enabling us to use our time and energy in a way that is most beneficial.  This mental clarity will also allow us to problem solve more effectively.

A crystal excellent for bringing in the people needed most in your life at the times you need them the most, whether professionally or personally.

Inspires honesty in professional and personal relationships and an asset to have for any money related or legal problems. 

Can help you find love by removing any negative blockages within your aura.  This will make you more attractive and you will find you will have more love interests coming your way.  Selenite will also guide you in being more discerning in who you give your heart to.

Simply run selenite up and down your body clearly visualizing the crystal removing blockages, toxins, stresses, and worries from your body.  This also rids you of unwanted energies unintentionally collected throughout your day.

Will also help with restoring connections in relationships that are feeling strained.

Helps in stabilizing erratic and overwhelming emotions bringing you back into balance and helping not only yourself but those around you in how they react and respond to you. 

Helps to heal relationships by bringing the flaws to light, free from blame and judgement.            


Can be used to treat arthritis, and skeletal ailments.

Keeping a piece close can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Helps to combat feeling of lethargy by clearing out the glands of the body 

An aura detoxifier, as well as the ability to remove energetic blockages that affect the body.

Brings in healing white light into the physical body that can regenerate and restructure cells.

Placing it on the body part that aches for 20 to 30 minutes will bring relief.

Selenite Plate
Selenite Plate