Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube

Pyrite Cube

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Main stone:                Pyrite


Colours present:       Gold and yellow 

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                   6 to 6.5  (Mohs Scale)


Pyrite is a vibrational match for the solar plexus chakra and works on releasing your fears.  It is also great for the sacral chakra for creativity and sensuality.

Pyrite is a crystal of change and will assist you in changing thought and behaviour patterns that are restrictive and instead attune you to the frequency of abundance and wealth.

A protective stone that will repel harmful and negative energies and mend any auric tears.

Will assist in the development of your psychic gifts, and it will unlock your channeling abilities.

Will enhance your willpower when challenged and provide support in in decisions regarding your growth and success with an outlook on long term ramifications.

Great stone for creative inspiration and better yet for communicating these ideas clearly and concisely which more often than not will lead to recognition and financial gain.

A great stone for enhancing your persuasive powers and charisma towards others.  Pyrite will give you a magnetic pull that will draw people in to listen to your ideas and opinions.

Pyrite will boost your intellect, perspective, and learning while improving mental stability and memory.

A powerful grounding stone also associated with the element of fire and optimism.

Known as a stone of luck for its propensity to attract wealth and abundance into your life through financial opportunities and increased money flow.

Allows one to overcome feelings of apathy, procrastination, and lack of discipline.

Promotes healthy balanced relationships as it fosters open communication and will guard against criticism, manipulation, and control by your partner.


Enhances the cardiovascular function of the body by cleansing the oxygen that flows through it. 

Will fight off infections and purify the body.

Powerful cell regenerator and DNA repair.

Useful with arthritis and bronchitis. 

Assists in strengthening the brain, lungs, and bones.

Can help with learning disabilities and cognitive disorders as well as enhancing memory.

Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube