Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green

Onyx Sphere - Green

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Main stone:               Onyx


Colors present:         Black, brown, pink, red, green, and even colorless

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                   6.5 to 7  (Mohs Scale)


An excellent stone for opening, balancing and healing all of the chakras at once. 

Green onyx is associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love.  This stone will bring in more love, compassion, acceptance, and sensitivity towards others.

Onyx is known as the master stone for instilling a deep understanding of your Karma, Dharma, and Moksha (the liberation from the Samsara cycle of birth, death, and rebirth leading to a life of bliss).

Will provide access to your akashic records, assist with past life regression work, and show the karmic patterns that need to be cleared and thus bring to light your dharma - the actions you must take to re-harmonize with the cosmos.

Very protective stone associated with the earth element that will effectively shield your energy from energy vampires and help to fortify your emotional and physical resilience.

A great worry stone to help overcome bad habits, or strong and conflicting emotions. 

Protects against harmful spells.

Will amplify your gifts, enhance your intuition and dream experiences and invoke spiritual visions.

Will remove your fear and increase your confidence to speak in front of large crowds. 

Known to attract abundance, prosperity and good fortune and the ability to make sound financial decisions. 

Onyx helps to promote harmonious relationships by tempering disagreements and temptations.

Will boost the romance and sensuality in your relationship by boosting your inner confidence and promoting honour and mutual respect.


Increase physical stamina and strengthens the immune system for speedy recoveries and protects against relapses.

Can strengthen the heart, kidneys, nerves, eyes, ears, and hair.

Helps with glaucoma, epilepsy, and improve hearing.

Assists in cell regeneration and weight loss, as well as the absorption of nutrients.

Can assist those suffering from bone marrow disease, as well as ailments of the bones, teeth, and other soft tissue disorders.

Will help to alleviate growing pains in children and joint aches in older adults.

Known to assist in easing labor pains and childbirth.

Works well in providing mental strength and self-control during rehab programs.

The different colors of onyx will have the properties of onyx as listed above combined with the specific color energies of the stone.

Black/Brown/Red- root chakra

Blue - throat chakra

Green/Pink- heart chakra

Orange - sacral chakra

Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green
Onyx Sphere - Green