Ocean Jasper Free Form
Ocean Jasper Free Form
Ocean Jasper Free Form

Ocean Jasper Free Form

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Main stone:      Ocean Jasper

Colour:      green, pink, yellow, grey, blue, red, cream, white, black, and brown

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A very rare and highly collectible stone only found on the coast of Madagascar.

A powerful healing stone worn by healers and medical professionals due to its highly restorative and regenerative properties on both a physical and spiritual level.

A very soothing peaceful, and grounding stone that will encourage you to be physically and spiritually present.

Brings in positive energies and embodies joy, and happiness allowing you to overcome your challenges, release blockages, and transmute self-limiting thoughts.

Ocean Jasper will allow you to land on your feet better than ever even through the roughest patches life has to offer.

Provides perseverance, tenacity, and determination to achieve all your goals and life’s pursuits.

A great stone for bringing in change and letting go of old habits and behaviours.

This stone wards against nightmares and negative thoughts when held in the hands.

Helps with focus, organization, productivity, and time management.

Attracts abundance.

Brings peace and relaxation to your surroundings.

Embodies patience, acceptance of responsibility, and being supportive of yourself and others.

Encourages you to heal emotionally, to love yourself, to know your self-worth and not to settle for anything less.

Ocean jasper helps to alleviate fatigue and nourishes your body back to health as it is a stone of renewal and strength. 


Encourages draining of the lymphatic system

Highly restorative to internal organ tissue.

Encourages absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

Balances iodine and sodium levels.

Alleviates water retention.

Helps with epilepsy, thyroid, and inner ear problems.

Can alleviate skin issues like eczema.

Stops bleeding, particularly nose bleeds.

Helps relieve sea sickness.

Ocean Jasper Free Form