Moss Agate Mushroom Mini
Moss Agate Mushroom Mini
Moss Agate Mushroom Mini

Moss Agate Mushroom Mini

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Main stone:         Moss Agate


Colour:                       Light Blue or Moss green, red, black, blue, or brown

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A beautiful stone of empowerment that encourages you to live your life for yourself and no one else. 

A powerful healing stone that is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Moss Agate is attuned with your Third Eye chakra that will enhance your psychic abilities.

Provides a grounding connection to Earth and nature.

Gives you an appreciation for all you have in your life and a deeper spiritual awareness and understanding.

Helps to develop your intuition.

A stone for students and professionals alike as its energies enhance brain activity, increase focus and concentration, and improve analytical skills as well as your powers of observation and perception.  This stone will also enhance your decisive abilities.

This is the stone to bring about change in your life as it will amplify your intentions and help to bring that change into existence.

Embodies the energies of success, wealth, prosperity, persistence, and endurance.

Encourages an optimistic outlook on life and enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence to allow you to purge yourself of unhealthy habits and fears.

The perfect crystal for new beginnings and fresh starts as it will allow you to heal emotional traumas and gain strength from these life experiences.

Helps to remove addictive and controlling behaviours both externally and internally.

Promotes growth, patience, and an inner calmness to help deal with conflict, mood swings and volatile tempers. 


Will act as an anti-inflammatory and help to promote the flow of the lymphatic fluids reducing swelling and nymph node infections.

May improves digestive issues, elimination systems, and circulatory systems.

Improves your immune system and allows you to heal faster.

Detoxifies the body helping with metabolism.

Alleviate arthritic symptoms especially with weather changes.

An effective cure for the common flu.

Assists with addiction recovery and prevents dehydration.

Good for skin ailments and fungal infections.

Also beneficial for physical workouts and weight training.

Moss Agate Mushroom Mini