Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

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Main stone:          Mangano Calcite 

Colour:                    Baby pink with White inclusions

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A beautiful and tranquil stone of the angels that will provide you with feelings of peace, serenity, and well-being.

Helps to achieve a stronger connection with your guardian angels and the divine realm as well as supporting astral travel.

Will clear blocked energy and enhance the energy flow of all your chakras allowing you to increase your vibration and positivity.        

A powerful stone for healers to connect energetically with patients which will allow the healing energy to flow to where it is needed in the body.

A very soothing, and grounding stone when used in mediation or energy work.

A great stone to encourage forgiveness, compassion, universal love energy, and confidence in oneself.

Will help one through grief, heartache, abuse, or any other emotional trauma.

Can aid in releasing suppressed emotions and uncovering the underlying reasons behind them.

A wonderful stone of hope and optimism that welcomes in new experiences and opportunities.

Will provide you with the energy to fight off fatigue and get through the day.

A great stone for spiritual development and growth.

Excellent at reducing stress and anxiety and a great tool to help with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Perfect for preventing nightmares and calming the nerves.

Helps to boost memory retention, overcome fear, and enhance motivation.

A powerful amplifier and cleanser of the energies in your environment.

Draws from its metal element to aid in focusing your energies to achieve all that you set out to accomplish.


Supports heart health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Eases aches and pains

Helps with vitamin and mineral assimilation in the body.

Great for bone and joint aches.

Great for overall health.

Heals nervous conditions.

Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite