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Main Stone: Malachite 

Colours Present: Malachite has a very regal and mesmerizing appearance with shades of green with white striations.

Size:                approx. 

Weight:           approx. 

Hardness:      3.5-4 (Mohs Scale)


Will help you deal with the many changes that happen in life as Malachite will stimulate clear thinking and aid in regulating emotions. 

Enhances clairvoyant visions, strengthens intuition and opens space for personal empowerment while giving direction to hard situations. 

Known to have great visionary powers that can effectively ward off negative events from happening. It can keep you safe and protect you against accidents bringing in peace and less stress.

A stone of travel. It’s great to carry with you when you have a fear of flying so you can call upon its calming energies when you need them.  It will help to ensure you have a smooth trip regardless of the situation you might find yourself in (traffic jams, delayed flights, storms).

Great for alleviating jet lag symptoms.

This stone will also help you overcome your fear of heights. 


Famous for its healing energies and is also known as The Midwife Stone. 

Midwives use it to ease labor pains and to protect both mom and baby during childbirth.

It also helps ease symptoms of pms, menstrual cramps, bloating, irritability, high emotions.

Keeping it close to you all the time can help regulate your period and fix your monthly cycle. This will also aid in your efforts to be pregnant or become more fertile.

If you have any concerns with anything related to the female organ, this is your go-to crystal.

Used in lowering blood pressure, heart problems, boosting immune system, suffering from asthma, rheumatic pains, or intestinal problems.