Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small

Kyanite Black - Small

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Main stone:               Kyanite


Colors present:         Blue yellow, orange, green, grey, white, or colorless.

Size:                            Approx 20g

Weight:                       Approx 1" X 2.25"

Hardness:                  4.5 to 7  (Mohs Scale)


A powerful stone for aligning all of your chakras restoring balance. 

Creates a strong connection between the heart and mind creating harmony of spirit.

Kyanite is a stone of rebirth and regeneration utilizing the energy of the water element.

Will assist in maintaining a calm demeanor when challenged or stressed for yourself and those around you.

Kyanite will assist in opening your intuitive channel, clear your mind, and create a connection for you to receive higher ideas.

A very grounding crystal that will help anchor you in reality and allow you to move forward.

This stone will encourage you to expand your knowledge and learn new skills.

Kyanite resists mental fog and assists in articulate communication abilities.

Will also help with understanding issues that are not as easily communicated such as with children. 

May also help children to more easily express themselves by expanding their literacy.  Also great for students struggling with this in school.

Will draw like-minded people to you creating opportunities for soul growth.

Will help with shyness by raising your confidence.

Blue Kyanite brings good luck in your career and finances.

A powerful stone to have during negotiations to turn the odds in your favour.

A crystal that encourages growth, whether it be of a business, career, or as a boss, or leader.

Also symbolizes expansion and new beginnings and appreciation of the bigger picture.

Aids in tempering emotions enough to provide clarity when making stressful decisions.

This stone will fill you with peace and patience and inspire loyalty.

Can help you repair damaged relationships by opening communication.

Assists in times of heartbreak by encouraging you to focus on the positives.

Does not require cleansing as it does not absorb negative energies.  Can also be used in the cleansing of other crystals.

Place in the east or southeast area of a space to bring in prosperity and abundance.

Black kyanite, associated with the Root Chakra, is very protective and deflects negativity.

Blue Kyanite is associated with the Throat Chakra and effective communication.

Green Kyanite, associated with the Heart Chakra, inspires love and maintains balance.

Orange Kyanite is associated with the Sacral chakra, love and marriage.


Assists in healing the adrenal glands, parathyroid glands, and the urogenital system.

Can aid in the recovery from brain, throat or muscular system disorders.

Helps in lowering blood pressure.

Speeds healing from minor infections.

Is a natural pain reliever and often used for those who have had surgery or an accident.

Relieves physical symptoms of depression.

Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small
Kyanite Black - Small