Kunzite Bracelet

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Main stone:         Kunzite

Colour:                       Pink or lilac

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An effective stone for helping overactive children calm down.

Helps to alleviate worry and fear for the future as well as present anxieties and stress by replacing those energies with soothing and peaceful vibrations.

A perfect stone for feeling confident when meeting new people or forming new connections.

Kunzite will bring you empathy, compassion, and kindness towards others and restore your trust in humanity.

A stone of harmony for its ability to connect your heart with your mind and unconditional love.

This is a great stone for encouraging self-expression and creativity.

A powerful stone to wear for luck, good fortune, and prosperity.

Promotes confidence and motivation through self-reflection and introspection to fully know and understand your self-worth to achieve your true desires.

May help in attracting your soul mate!

Will help to open the doors of communication between you and loved ones and help to dissolve any relationship obstacles you face.

The beautiful soothing energies of this stone will help you to overcome pain, loss, betrayal, and any other negative energy you face providing you with the emotional freedom and confidence to move forward.

Placing a piece under your pillow will help you feel safe and secure for a more restful sleep while also eliciting interesting dream messages.


Boosts circulation and helps to strengthen heart muscles.

Can alleviate anxiety and depression.

Help to overcome addictions and physically recover

Aids with anemia and inflammation

Helps to balance hormones

Great for lung, throat, and brain issues.