Jade Sphere - Nephrite
Jade Sphere - Nephrite
Jade Sphere - Nephrite

Jade Sphere - Nephrite

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Main stone:                Jade (Nephrite and Jadeite)


Colors present:         Nephrite -Pale to dark green, Jadeite- green, grey, lavender, yellow, black

Size:                            Approx

Weight:                       Approx

Hardness:                   6 -7  (Mohs Scale 

Zodiak Sign:               Libra and Taurus


Associated with the heart chakra, the vibration of Jade is able to shift energetic blockages of the heart and allow the healing process of cleansing and clearing to begin.

The stone of longevity and wisdom long associated with luck, creativity, and imagination. 

A perfect stone for anyone who is hypercritical of others and has the need to control others or feel controlled themselves as these tendencies occur when a heart chakra is out of alignment.

Will soothe and address feelings of low self-worth and confidence.

Known as the dream stone as it can bring clarity to dream messages or symbolism.

Facilitates trust and fidelity in relationships by dispelling any fear one may have around love.

Inspires new love matches and particularly supports mature love.

Place Jade in the southeast corner of your home or workplace to bring in wealth and good fortune according to Feng Shui principles.

Excellent stone for financial transactions and business ventures.  Its prosperous energy will help you earn and use money purposefully, creatively and with sound judgement. 

Black Jade is a very protective stone of the body, mind, heart and spirit.  It will protect from negative entities and energies as well as those who wish to project anger, bitterness, and resentment towards you.  Also protective of violent or fear mongering energies. 

Black jade will also transmute unhealthy emotions and is an excellent aid in self-evaluation.

Black jade embodies, wisdom, self-control, power, and protection.


Supports the urinary and renal system as well as the kidneys and spleen. 

Strengthens the skeletal system, joints and in particular the hips and is useful in speeding up recovery times after long illnesses or surgery.

Balance’s hormone levels in women.

Increases fertility and eases labour pains during childbirth.

Black Jade assists in blood flow and deep vein thrombosis.  Protects against viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections.  Also improves the bodies filtration and elimination functions and removes toxins from the body.

Jade Sphere - Nephrite