Golden Healer Quartz Specimen
Golden Healer Quartz Specimen
Golden Healer Quartz Specimen

Golden Healer Quartz Specimen

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Main stone:                Golden Healer Quartz


Colors present:         Golden

Size:                            Approx

Weight:                       Approx

Hardness:                   7  (Mohs Scale) 


A master healer, high vibrational crystal that contains the beautiful healing golden light of the universal life force and acts as a catalyst for intense spiritual activation.

Golden Healer Quartz incorporates the energies of the earth, sun, moon, and stars, making it a uniquely powerful and divine crystal for enlightenment.

Opens, balances, and amplifies your energy fields and encourages deep healing of your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

Enhances your spiritual intellect, strengthens your intuition, and opens communication with the higher realms.

This stone will elevate you to higher vibrations allowing you to release energy and blockages and secure higher frequencies in your body creating peace and harmony from within.

Helps to align your yin and yang energies allowing you the opportunity to clearly see what needs to be eliminated from your life to make room for positive changes.

Golden Healer Quartz is a powerful crystal for eliminating unhealthy habits and self-sabotaging behaviours making it an ideal stone for achieving financial goals.

A magnifying stone for attracting luck, abundance, and prosperity into your life.

A great stone for remaining focused on a goal, filtering out distractions and navigating through disappointments to achieve success. This crystal will empower you to take the necessary actions to step out of your comfort zone to fully embrace the changes you desire and unleash your full potential.  

This stone will help you to see through the negativity of a situation and help you to focus on the positives creating more joy and happiness in your life and relationships.

Helps to dispel fear, pain, anger, self-criticism, harmful emotional behaviours, unhealed pain and trauma, and stagnant energies.

A perfect stone for new beginnings that will boost your courage, self-confidence, and self-esteem effectively eliminating your trust issues.

Allows you to consolidate all your life lessons from this life and past lives to heal wounds, embody acceptance and practice forgiveness.

Enhances dreams and dream recall.

A feng shui stone for filling your home with healing light effectively eliminating negative chi and radiating positive chi.


Activates healing on all levels

Aids autonomic processes, the adrenal glands, sinuses, the heart, lungs, and muscular systems. 

Golden Healer Quartz Specimen