Fluorite Raw

Fluorite Raw

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Main stone:                Fluorite


Colors present:         Purple to yellow, green, clear, or rainbow

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx:

Hardness:                  4  (Mohs Scale) 


Fluorite is well known for its ability to be an excellent guide in the dreamworld and, with practice, can elicit beautiful, vivid, and lucid dreams that become easier and easier to retain upon waking.  Simply place on your bedside table.

Known as the Genius Stone for its ability to activate both hemispheres of the brain at once thereby utilizing the brains full capacity, allowing for profound and complex thought, creativity, and better decision making skills. 

Offers protection form psychic and mental manipulation and wards off hostile or negative energies that may threaten your personal relationships

Protects against electromagnetic fog that can make you feel lethargic mentally or physically.

Relieves tensions and anxieties, promotes relaxation and purifies the body.

Promotes organization and structure and the preparedness to overcome challenges.

Helps withs releasing attachments to objects and people as well as behavioral patterns that are no longer healthy or beneficial to you.

Increases intuition, psychic development, confidence, and comradery in groups.

Attracts nice surprises, good news, and wonderful opportunities…a good luck stone!

Helps alleviate vertigo, dizziness, insomnia, and mobility.

Black Fluorite 

Protects from nightmares and is known as the astral cleanser for clearing negativity.

Blue Fluorite

Opens the third eye and enhances psychic awareness

Works with the throat chakra to enhance communication and allow one to feel heard    

Used in healing ear, nose, throat and speech problems, cough, hoarseness, skin problems, respiratory system ailments, colds, allergies, nerves, and the brain.

Green Fluorite

All purpose healing stone, particularly issues with the heart, digestive system, gout, arthritis, and fungal infections.

Promotes self-love, an open mindedness, new ideas, and creativity, while removing blockages.

Strong links to nature and abundance especially helpful in busy big city lifestyles.

Magenta Fluorite

Links the heart and crown chakras to be better able to make decisions for the higher good of all.  It is the stone of heart and truth bringing about emotional understanding and forgiveness.

Rainbow Fluorite

Enhances free thinking, and flexibility through a combination of energies.

Will repair torn or murky auras and provide enhanced protective qualities of all the colors.

Will take on the qualities of a dominant color if present.

Pink Fluorite

Related to the heart chakra, this stone can clear your energy field and provide positivity.

Helps repressed emotions to surface where they can then be seen, transmuted and released.

Aids in osteoporosis, heart function, and hormone balancing.

Purple Fluorite

Opens the third eye and helps to develop psychic awareness, clairvoyance, and visions.

Helps with memory, concentration and emotional stability.

Eliminates bad food habits and assists with weight loss as well as colds, tumors and septic wounds.

Yellow Fluorite

The mind stone as it enhances learning and facilitates understanding through integration of information.

Great for eating disorders, stomach issues, liver problems, joints, and for detoxification.