Dendritic Opal Hearts
Dendritic Opal Hearts
Dendritic Opal Hearts

Dendritic Opal Hearts

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Main stone:             Dendritic Opal 

Colour:                       Black, bluish-black, grey and white with leaf like tendrils

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An extremely powerful spiritual stone that synchronizes the chakras within the body, and activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus.

Embodies the energies of growth and strength to give clarity and perspective into ones life.

A wonderful stone for increasing brain power and mental capacity allowing you to absorb new information faster and to retain more knowledge than before.

Boosts social interactions by increasing your self-confidence and makes you appear more approachable. 

Allows you to be more self-aware and increases your ability to read both people and situations.

Helps you to channel your best attributes and harness your personal power so that you can work towards achieving your true purpose in life.

Induces out of body experiences through astral projection and shamanistic visions.

Allows you access to past lives so that you can analyze and learn important knowledge to help guide you on your current life path.

A great stone for attracting synchronicities so that you may understand the meaning of all that is happening in your life.

Will open your mind to allow for spiritual awareness and communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Great for connecting with elementals and allowing you to peer between the veil to the spirit realm and into other dimensions.

This stone will help to amplify your sense of higher self and purpose and will channel your inner energies towards positive manifestations.

This stone will help you to become more tolerant and accepting of others and less judgemental.

Placing a piece under your pillow or on your nightstand will promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Will induce vivid dreams.

This stone requires a connection to your energy to work in the way that you want.  Simply hold the stone and direct your thoughts towards what it is that you desire from the stone.  Because of its strong spiritual powers, having protective stones with you when working with Dendritic Opal is recommended to keep you safe from psychic attacks.

Dendritic Opal Hearts