Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium

Mookaite Sphere - Medium

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Main stone:               Mookaite

Colour:                          Dark reds to shades of yellow

Size:                            Approx: 30mm

Weight:                       Approx:


A beautiful stone with red and yellow energies that increases physical vitality and the life force that flows within.

Helps one to connect with the Earths electromagnetic frequencies, the Schuman’s Resonance.

Increases your connection to spirit, intuition, and self-confidence to follow your instincts.

Will help you to intuitively know which path to take when traveling.

Helps to increase one’s willingness to accept change and be open to new experiences.

The perfect stone to stop your worries and rid yourself of fears holding you back from becoming all that you can be.

Perfect for a workplace as it will provide motivation and lessen distracting thoughts so you can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

The fountain of youth in a stone, as Mookaite will raise your vibration and remove toxins from the body effectively slowing down the physical aging process.

Will activate parts of the mind where genetic memories are stored allowing us to recognize and release ancestral behavioral patterns so future generations are free of them.

A wonderful stone for expectant parents as Mookaite will foster intuitive communication with the unborn baby.

This stone will help to ground and center you during meditation while also enhancing visions and insight.

Will alleviate sadness, stabilize your mood, and fill you with joy, excitement, and hope.

A great stone for enhancing creativity and the flow of ideas.

A very stabilizing and protective stone that will rid you of harmful or negative energies.

A great stone to have when starting a new job, moving to a new home, or changing to a new school.

Placing the stone under your pillow will restore you to health allowing you to feel fresh and recharged in the morning.

Will open, activate, and align your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

Shamans use this stone to facilitate communication with animals. 


Boosts immunity.

Helps to thwart the signs of aging.

Stimulates regeneration of tissue of the internal organs.

Helps to treat cystitis.

Helps with Kidney and bladder issues.

Treats high blood pressure.

Heals wounds and cuts.

Purifies the blood and balances the minerals within the body.

Assists with pregnancies and the reproductive system of the body.

Reduces stress related digestive issues.

Can help with water retention, hernias, and other ruptures.
Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium
Mookaite Sphere - Medium