Lepidolite Palm Stone Small
Lepidolite Palm Stone Small
Lepidolite Palm Stone Small

Lepidolite Palm Stone Small

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Main stone:                Lepidolite


Colors present:         Pink and lilac shades

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                   2.5 to 3.5  (Mohs Scale)


Connected to the crown chakra, Lepidolite strengthens your clairvoyance and clairsentience psychic abilities along with your intuition as you will notice more synchronicities and serendipities brought into your life.

A perfect stone for facilitating the release of trapped burdens within a woman’s psyche during her monthly menstrual cycle creating a monthly emotional cleanse and rejuvenation.

A favoured stone for soothing the heart, stabilizing emotions, transmuting the pain of deeply felt wounds, and reducing depression and stress.

Renews your sense of self confidence and purpose and can broaden your perspective.

Strengthens your ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries by allowing you to put yourself first when needed, without guilt.

Can assist in elevating your dopamine levels to experience feelings of euphoria.

A transformational stone allowing one to embrace change with courage and resilience rather than with fear.

Allows shifts to occur in old energy patterns bringing in positivity to bad situations and creating space for self-growth.

Provides you with a feeling of contentment which can allow you to connect more easily to spirit and your higher self.

Makes an excellent divination tool such as a pendulum, particularly in answering questions on spirituality and your emotions.


Provides soothing energies to those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Great stone to calm hyperactivity and ADHD in children.

Wearing the stone can also help with sleep disorders.

Assists in balancing and regulating mood swings and hormones and counteracting the effects of PMS.

Relieves emotional suffering and grief.

Lithium, a major component of this stone is known to calm and treat depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia.

Lepidolite Palm Stone Small