Citrine Point
Citrine Point
Citrine Point
Citrine Point
Citrine Point

Citrine Point

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Main stone:               Citrine


Colors present:        Yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, reddish-        brown

Size:                            Approx  

Weight:                       Approx 

Hardness:                   7  (Mohs Scale)


Excellent stone for self-healing and self-improvement while attracting love and happiness.

Offers balance, harmony, and a broader perspective while being alert and energized.

Known as the Success Stone and the Merchants Stone as it will attract and manifest abundance and success both personally and professionally.

Excellent stone for business ventures or meetings with new clients to incite financial energy cash flow from one person to another.

Contains an energetic light around its aura that spreads spiritual joy and positivity without the need of recharging or cleansing and thus transmutes negativity in any space. 

A crystal that embodies the heightened energy of the sun and the summer months and provides us with this energy during colder winter months.

Can help balance and facilitate energy exchanges within our bodies to prevent exhaustion.

An excellent crystal to help with creative endeavours as it opens up our creative channels for ideas to flow through more readily.

Will cleanse and rejuvenate the spirit, especially useful around toxic people or environments.

Wonderful for dispelling feelings of depression or phobias and harnessing the power of positivity and hope. 

Helps in overcoming physical illnesses as well as in the prevention of getting illnesses.

Great for aligning your head with your heart in relationships.

Protective stone for warding off emotional and mental threats and negative energies.


Regulates thyroid gland imbalances, endocrine function, gall bladder issues, and aids in the treatment of diseases associated with the kidneys, urinary tract, and the digestive system.

Helps relieve constipation and counteracts pharmaceutical medicine side effects. 

Enhances and fortifies electrical nerve impulses and strengthens the spine.

Improve blood circulation 

Aids in the removal of cellulite.

Stimulates proper digestion and the proper functions of the spleen as well as the pancreas.

Help with problems of the eyes.

Citrine Point
Citrine Point
Citrine Point