Chakra Roller Blend - Throat

Chakra Roller Blend - Throat

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Enhance your communication, be able to speak your truth, know and express your authentic self, and open your intuitive link between your Heart and Third Eye with this blend of essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base infused with crystals and herbs.

Roll onto pulse points, chest, and throat and inhale the aroma to awaken, align and balance your throat chakra!

Essential Oils:

Cypress - enhances focus and combats fatigue, clears airways, promotes deep and relaxed breathing, connects with inner wisdom, stimulates growth and emotional well being

Clove - relieves stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion, enhances memory and clarity, fortifies emotions, protects from negative thought patterns and ill wishes

Peppermint- alleviates depression and mental fatigue, enhances concentration and focus, refreshes the spirit, promotes mindfulness

Bergamot- emotionally uplifting, aids in alleviating depression, fear, and anxiety, aligns awareness spiritually

Vanilla- calming, raises positive vibrations to enhance peace and tranquility, promotes love, luck, healing, happiness, and passion

Lemon Balm - a calming herb often referred to as the elixir of life, promotes love, success, healing, spirituality and longevity.

Butterfly Pea Flower - will encourage transformation, promotes protection, love, and peace

Blue Calcite - Aids in articulating thoughts, enhances psychic empathy and telepathic abilities.