Chakra Roller Blend - Third Eye

Chakra Roller Blend - Third Eye

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Enhance your ability to look within and utilize your intuitive abilities to become more mindful and aligned with your truest desires with this blend of essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base infused with crystals and herbs.

Roll onto pulse points, chest, and the area between your brows and inhale the aroma to awaken, align and balance your Third Eye chakra!

Essential Oils:

Vetiver- Balances, calms, and grounds, soothes anger and stress, instills confidence, stillness and tranquility, opens a connection with elemental spirits, the fairy kingdom, and devic forces

Sandalwood- enhances mood, promotes calm and peace, balances and grounds emotion, quiets the mind, aligns one with the vibrational essence of Buddha and Kuan Yin (goddess of mercy and compassion)

Rosemary- Improves mental focus and memory, stimulating, clears the mind, helps to transition between states of consciousness 

Clary Sage- calms the emotional and nervous system, stress and anxiety, reduces the need to judge others, great for reaching deeper states of contemplation and meditation by quieting the mind

Oregano - a high vibrational oil that induces mystical experiences, enhances higher consciousness, and opens up the cosmos

Lavender - Reduces stress and anxiety, great for inducing meditative states, brings in blessings and love, a spiritual healer and purifier, a strong attractor and opens your intuition

Ginger - energizing and uplifting, encourages gratitude, awakens consciousness, increases awareness to receive insights, clears energetic cobwebs

Mugwort - a healing and visionary herb that induces prophetic dreams, aids with astral projection, amplifies psychic power and visions, is protective and purifying.

Blue Lotus Flower - a very high vibrational plant that symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, and the power of spirit over the senses.

Amethyst - Raise your vibration, strengthens intuition and psychic abilities, clears distraction and enhances focus, induces lucid dreams, strengthens your connection with universal energy

Clear Quartz - a Master Crystal known as the Stone of Infinite Communication, strengthens psychic and emotional resilience, allows you to access higher realms and ancient knowledge, amplifies your energies, thoughts, and affirmations, absorbs low vibrational frequencies, a powerful manifestor,  helps with visualization and goal setting