Chakra Roller Blend - Sacral

Chakra Roller Blend - Sacral

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Open your centre for creativity, well-being, and abundance with this blend of essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base infused with crystals and herbs.

Roll onto pulse points, chest, and lower abdomen and inhale the aroma to awaken, align and balance your sacral chakra!

Essential Oils:

Cinnamon- stimulates cognitive function, enhances the ability to learn, absorb, and integrate information from the mind and environment, increases psychic awareness.

Bergamot- emotionally uplifting, aids in alleviating depression, fear, and anxiety, aligns awareness spiritually

Tangerine-  rejuvenating and calming to the mind and body 

Clary Sage- calms the emotional and nervous system, stress and anxiety, reduces the need to judge others, great for reaching deeper states of contemplation and meditation by quieting the mind

Vanilla- calming, raises positive vibrations to enhance peace and tranquility, promotes love, luck, healing, happiness, and passion.

Hibiscus- a flower of passion, love, divination, and freedom

Calendula- brings protection wealth, and prosperity, spiritual growth, love, and strength.

Carnelian Chips - a protective tire stone that encourages optimism, positivity, sensuality, and passion