Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small

Carnelian - Small

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Main stone:               Carnelian


Colors present:         Red-orange, pink, and brown

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                  7 (Mohs Scale)


Connects with the heart and sacral chakras and cleanses the aura.

Allows us to feel safe and supported when taking chances.

Awakens our curiosity and provides us with the courage to discover hidden talents.

Dispels apathy and indolence and brings in optimism, positivity, passion and sexuality. 

Reminds us to reconnect with our bodies to feel the vigor and vitality of life. 

Keeps one grounded in reality and is a great mediation stone for this reason.

A protective and stabilizing stone perfect for balancing a busy and chaotic life while also providing energy and stamina to continue operating at those demanding levels. 

Perfect for those with careers in the arts or where creativity is important.

A stone for bringing in more love, honesty, and faith into one’s life and of those around them.

Can bring in or restore romance and love in your relationship.

Can heal a broken heart and emotional trauma.

Allows for the release of unnecessary emotion baggage.

Protects from natural calamities, accidents and theft.

Attracts abundance, good luck, and prosperity. 

Great for bringing good fortune in money dealings or business ventures.

A protective stone that will keep you safe from harm and misfortune.  Will also protect you from feelings of rage, jealousy, envy, or resentment.


Helps ease the pain of menstrual cramps and discomfort and regulate menstrual cycles. 

A great stone for clearing blockages in blood flow as well as energy flow.

Purifies the blood and improves circulation.

Touch this stone to the skin over the kidneys, or other organs that relate to blood management within the body to help and heal as well as over veins or arteries. 

Will help to stop the bleeding and speed healing when placed on wounds. 

Can increase fertility and help relieve symptoms of frigidity and impotence.

Great for pregnant women as it can ease pregnancy symptoms and alleviate the fear of being a new parent.

Can ease rheumatism and non-inflammatory arthritis as well as lower back problems.

Will help with weight loss or management by increasing metabolism or stimulating appetite.

Effective in strengthening teeth and managing a fever.

Can heal a common headache when placed on the eyelids.

Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small
Carnelian - Small