Bloodstone Sphere
Bloodstone Sphere
Bloodstone Sphere

Bloodstone Sphere

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Main stone:               Bloodstone

Colour:                         Deep green with red

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The stone of spiritual transformation!  Meditating with it, placing it on your body, or simply having it near you when you would like to bring about change, or start something new will ease that transition.

The stone to move out of a specific archetype and into a new one or to help with balancing all the voices of your archetypes depending on your needs.

Will encourage new beginnings and experiences, as the energy of the stone is that of the Spring season.

This stone has represented sacrifice throughout history and religion as rebirth cannot happen without certain suffering.  The old giving way to the new.

A perfect stone for grief as it will help you to disconnect from pain so that you are not overwhelmed by it and can begin the healing process.

Also known as the warrior stone, it is great for kids who are bullied as it will act as a talisman of protection.  It will strengthen the aura to be more intimidating and provide the courage to stand up for yourself or finding someone who can intervene on your behalf.

A great divination tool for future predications especially in relation to nature.  In ancient times, bloodstone acted as an audible oracle giving off sounds of guidance!

Renowned for its magical properties, Bloodstone will enhance your intuition, deflect undesirable influences, and banish evil.

Will create a psychic barrier between yourself and any threat, or violent situation you may find yourself in and provide you with the insight to know whether you should retreat from or confront the situation up front.

A very grounding stone that will help keep you focused on the present to be able to clearly see the path you need to be taking.

A very supportive stone emotionally that will help you to navigate turmoil and trauma.

Will help you to have a positive outlook on life and encourage you to be more charitable.

A great stone to help you become aware of your unhealthy emotional patterns so that you can recognize your problems and begin to solve them.

Will boost your organizational abilities, talent, and physical vitality.

Place on your bedside table in a bowl of water to promote a deep and restful sleep.

Will help to heal Gaia when placed in a spot where the energy seems in disaccord.


Connected with the blood and circulatory systems…soak in water overnight and drink in the morning.

Neutralizes and removes toxins in the body.

Clears the lungs and nasal passages of congestion.

Improves eyesight.

Stimulates your immune system when placed on your thymus.

Bloodstone Sphere