Amber - Black
Amber - Black
Amber - Black

Amber - Black

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Main stone:               Amber


Colors present:         Brown, black, orange, yellow, green, white, red and blue. 

Size:                            Approx

Weight:                       Approx

Hardness:                   1 to 3  (Mohs Scale)


Aligned with both the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, Amber is one of the oldest and most sought after healing stones for its association with light and life.

Amber is organic in nature as it is the fossilized remains of tree resin, the life force of ancient trees, and thus contains old energies, healing properties and wisdom from Mother Earth.

It symbolizes eternal youth and is said to bring good luck and protect from evil.

Stabilizes and balances higher vibrations in the body.

A comforting stone that can soothe physical aches as well as eliminate fears and negative energies and replace them with the energies of patience and wisdom.

Amber radiates warmth when placed against the skin and is a wise, healing, protective, and joyous stone. 

Encourages the shy to take more action.

Elicits the joy of living and brings openness to the positive energies of the universe dispelling and transmuting anything negative from within your environment.

Removes toxicity from relationships and life in general through a protective shield.

A great stone for calming nervousness, anxiety, depression, and fear while providing strength, courage, and insight.

Amber will help to relieve mental and physical exhaustion and bring clarity of the mind.

Helps with creativity, optimism, and inspiration.

Protects from taking on the energies of other people or places.  Excellent empath stone.

Strengthens your intuition and awakens your psychic ability of clear feeling. 

Helps to move relationships to the next level.  Will encourage patience, understanding, and an open heart and mind which will bring in trust and happiness and alleviate jealousy and insecurity.

Stimulates desire and rekindles passion.

Enhances intellect, understanding, and decision-making.

Amber is electromagnetic and can build up an electrical charge that is effective when used for healing purposes. 

A perfect stone for empowering ourselves to set healthy boundaries.

A powerful stone of manifestation, ambition, and success. 


Amber is known to stimulate healing within the body and aid in tissue regeneration by absorbing the pain from both the body and the mind.  This leaves space for positive energies to infuse the body and facilitate healing.

Excellent for recuperation from a long illness.

Powerful at alleviating stress related symptoms that, all too often, manifest into physical diseases. 

Speeds up recovery times. 

Amber can help alleviate depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

Alleviates headaches, cold and flu symptoms.

Also beneficial for chronic pain sufferers.

Helps to stimulate metabolism and alleviate allergies. 

Helpful with rheumatoid arthritis and ligament and joint pain.

Stimulates the endocrine system and tissue revitalization. 

Removes illness from the stomach, spleen, and liver.

Treats female infertility, and impotence.

Amber - Black