Smoky Quartz Tower - Large
Smoky Quartz Tower - Large
Smoky Quartz Tower - Large

Smoky Quartz Tower - Large

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Main stone:                Smoky Quartz


Colors present:         Clear Grey to dark brown almost black

Size:                            Approx: 6.35 cm X 21 cm

Weight:                       Approx: 1.18 kg

Hardness:                   7  (Mohs Scale)


A very grounding and protective stone associated with the root and solar plexus chakras. 

Will effectively remove negative spirits or energies from the auric field with placement on the body or through grounding techniques with a lighter touch than other grounding crystals.

Holds an affinity to the darker gods such as Hecate, the Celtic Goddess of the Occult and Dark Moon and can be used in darker winter months to resonate with the changing seasons. 

Allows one to connect very deeply with Mother Nature and stimulates the intuitive spirit within us all.

Assists us in looking through the illusions of life, all the while remaining centered and opening our minds to new possibilities.

Works especially well with other crystal energies.

Will ward off danger when worn by heightening your perceptive abilities to recognize danger.

This crystal has the ability to clear any haziness one might have around understanding their psychic abilities and intuition. 

Enhances emotional intelligence by tempering emotional flare-ups and overwhelming feelings such as jealousy, depression and anxiety.

Provides insight and clarity into the root of problems by enhancing your abilities to reason and deduce.

A perfect stone for camping and hiking trips as it will strengthen your survival instincts.

Will help you through those difficult conversations by helping you to better communicate and articulate your feelings, ideas, and thoughts.

A great stone to promote creativity and logical problem solving and enhance cooperation.

Sensitive people susceptible to the psychic “buzzing” associated with big city life like smog, electronics, and people themselves, will greatly benefit form Smoky Quartz as it has the ability to block all of these energies.

Uses Earths energy to quickly manifest all of your and dreams and desires.

Perfect crystal for placing near your computer or on your laptop when not in use to disrupt the electronic buzz it emanates.

Smoky Quartz Tower - Large