Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium

Septarian Palm Stones Medium

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Main stone:                Septarian


Colors present:         Shades of brown and yellow in a dragon skin pattern

Size:                            Approx: 1.25 X 2.5"

Weight:                       Approx: 97g to 102g

Hardness:                  3.5 to 4  (Mohs Scale)


Septarian, also known as Dragon stone, is a beautiful grounding stone, each one unique in its markings.  This stone nurtures confidence, power, and strength.

Simply put, the energies of this stone will provide you with an inner balance of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies that will bring you harmony and peace with which to face daily life.

A perfect stone for healers as Septarian will guide you towards the right treatment plan for your clients by revealing the origin of your clients ailments.

Placing Septarian on a blocked chakra will open it up and encourage energy flow.  

Activates the root chakra, and provides a protective shield of Earths energy around your aura allowing one to heal from the inside out.

This stone contains within it the energy of Mother Earth from 3 separate minerals that will encourage an inner awakening and a realignment of all your chakras.

This stone will open up an enlightened existence by helping you to see what had been hidden and providing you with an understanding about life.

Meditating with this stone on your Third Eye will allow you to tap into past life memories and enjoy visionary re-enactments from previous life experiences. This can facilitate healing of childhood or past life traumas and provide insights into current life situations.

When placed on the nightstand or beneath a pillow, this stone will enhance your dreams and dream recall to a whole new level.

Promotes a more restful sleep as it will protect against nightmares and night terrors.

This stone will empower you to speak your mind articulately and express any emotions that have been weighing on you.

Will enhance communication skills, and in particular public speaking by enhancing your energy to the audience allowing you to become more magnetic and engaging to the audience.

Protective stone when going though legal battles, as it will help you to maintain composure.

A great stone for communal workspaces as the energies of the stone will enhance problem solving skills, foster cooperation and temper know it all attitudes.

Septarian will reinforce the need for personal privacy and help you retain your anonymity.

This stone will immerse your relationship in the energies of patience, understanding and generosity while tempering anger and frustration.

A perfect stone for filling your space with calming energy and clearing out any negative energies that may be lingering about.

Will promote emotional flexibility and stability to live your best life.

A grounding stone will help to combat anxiety through empowerment and confidence.


Helps in calcium absorption.

Aids in energizing the body and maintaining blood flow to the extremities.

Relieves pain.

Enhances the immune system.

Will reduce muscles spasms and night twitches.

Effective in treating seasonal affective disorder.

Can aid in growth removal.

Aids in circulation.

Benefits the gallbladder and spleen.

Heals tissues, and mineral storage in the veins

Strengthens the skeleton and joints.

Alleviates hysteria, bad dreams, senility, and dementia.

Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium
Septarian Palm Stones Medium