Rhodonite Tumbled
Rhodonite Tumbled
Rhodonite Tumbled

Rhodonite Tumbled

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Main stone:               Rhodonite


Colors present:         Light pink to very bright pink shades and into deeper reds.

Size:                            Approx:  

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                   5.5 to 6.5  (Mohs Scale) 


Connected to the heart chakra, this stone brings in the energies of peace, love, joy, and healing.

Rhodonite will help you to get through those afternoon slumps as it is a pro at balancing out your energy throughout the entire day.

Excellent for processing emotional pain as it enables you to dive deep and truly examine a situation to fully understand your reactions which will enable you to deal with them head on.

Will provide a youthful energy of resilience that will temper cynicism as you age.

Can assist in making life, relationship, and career path choices with more clarity and conviction.

Provides the strength and courage to identify and remove negative people from your life.

Pale pink stones assist in spiritual wellness and personal healing. 

Brighter pink stones assist in living your best life by boosting clarity when making big decisions. 

A deeper red stone will invoke passion and fearlessness to make massive life changes.

Scarlet or stones tinted orange bring a physical, mental and spiritual vitality with them. 

Traditionally used in Russia to ward off sickness, danger, and fear when placed under the mattress. 

A protective travel stone to ensure the safe arrival of yourself and all of your possessions. 

Will assist in working through creative blocks to get ideas flowing freely.


Strengthens the immune system and has the ability to heal burns, inflammation and irritations.

Rhodonite Tumbled