Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Rhodochrosite Bracelet

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Main stone:         Rhodochrosite 

Colour:                        Pink, brown, yellow, grey, or white

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An empowering stone that will allow you to embrace your true self confidently and apologetically allowing you to reach your full potential.

Provides you with the energies of determination and willpower to succeed in your endeavours.

A truly unique stone in its ability to widen your sense of perception to be able to see other people’s point of views more easily.  This enables you to stop arguments before they can begin!

Brings in prosperity and abundance.

Helps you to see where you need to heal emotionally and acknowledge your pain, allowing you to resolve issues and bring closure.

This stone will remind you to show compassion to yourself and others through forgiveness and love.

Alleviates stress and anxiety and fills one with love.

A great stone for helping children to make friends in school more easily.

A powerful stone for connecting with your inner child to help dissolve old emotional wounds.


Helps with bone growth and tissue repair, and the pituitary gland.

Aids in the body’s absorption of minerals and vitamins.

Regulates blood pressure and pulse and improves circulation.

Alleviates tension headaches.

Helps with Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Corrects thyroid imbalance and purifies the liver.

Aids with sinus and ear infections.

Helps with lung issues like asthma or other breathing related problems.

Heals stomach ulcers, digestive disorders, abdominal cramps, and constipation.

Beneficial for skin diseases rashes, allergies.

Helpful with cancer treatments and withdrawal symptoms.