Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere

Red Jasper Sphere

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Main stone:               Red Jasper

Colour:                          Red     

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An ancient, sacred, and very protective stone said to protect from misfortune, stimulate energy, and represents a strong belief in a cause or religion.

Aligns and balances all the chakras.

A powerful nurturing and calming stone that encourages people to help each other as well as lending support during a traumatic time or crisis.

Aligns with the root chakra to provide a grounding and stabilizing.

A wonderful stone for dream recall and shamanic journeying that ensures a safe return to your body.

Cleanses the aura of negative energy and balances our Yin and Yang energies.

Absorbs electromagnetic radiation and clears the atmosphere of pollutants.

A perfect stone for personal empowerment, courage, assertiveness, and self-honesty that will allow you to follow your intuition rather than depending on outside influences.

Provides motivation, stimulates the imagination, enhances creative problem-solving skills, inspires quick thinking, and enhances organizational abilities.

The perfect worry stone as it will calm emotions and promote a peaceful feeling.

An excellent stone for setting and enforcing emotional boundaries.

A sacred stone to the Welsh goddess Cerridwen and aligned with the divine feminine goddess energy.

A great stone to provide courage to remove yourself from violent situations.

Perfect stone for kids who are bullied or teased to provide them with self-confidence and positivity to overcome.

A stone of passion that will spice up your sex life!

Promotes harmony and paves the way for a deeper connection in relationships.



Detoxifies and supports the liver by dissolving blockages in the bile ducts.

Detoxifies the blood and circulatory system.

Enhances libido and fertility.

Helps with stabilizing pregnancies and encourages healthy fetus growth.

Will bring on childbirth by speeding up contractions and providing the strength needed.

Helps stop bleeding and in particular nosebleeds.

Calms gout symptoms.

Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere