Red Aventurine Mushrooms

Red Aventurine Mushrooms

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Main stone:                Red Aventurine

Colour:                          Red     

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A wonderful stone for healing our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to create a more balanced and joyous life.

Increases the flow of universal life energy by rejuvenating and energizing the body.

Provides mental and physical stimulation to effectively ward off lethargy.

A grounding stone to help combat feelings of disconnectedness making you more present.

Inspires creativity and enthusiasm for all your endeavours and an openness to receive feedback from others.

Will boost your personal power, self-confidence, independence, and individuality.

Hold in your hands to tap into the healing light of your heart and allow the feelings of love to wash over you.

Increases life force energy within your body through the fire and earth elements to increase your determination and perseverance, clear all blockages and align your chakras.

An excellent stone for discernment allowing you to clearly see the correct path to take to turn your dreams to reality.

Allows you to overcome your ego and embrace your true self.

A stone that will boost manifestation, abundance, and prosperity allowing you to manifest your desires more quickly.

Encourages you to move forward after emotional traumas, providing you with the necessary strength and courage to do so.

Will help you embrace new possibilities effectively turning negative situations into more positive ones.

Will help to relieve aches and pains when placed directly on the affected area.

Meditation with this stone will help to connect to the divine realms.

 Will help with decision making and stepping into your personal power.


Promotes strength and stamina physically.

Strengthen the blood by increasing red blood cells and increasing circulation and blood flow.

Boosts sexuality and libido, assists with reproductive disorders, increases fertility.

Relieves lower back pain.

Helps with urinary tract problems.

Helps with autoimmune disorders.

Boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat more efficiently.

Reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

Calms nerves and helps to regulate an irregular heartbeat.

Detoxifies the body and helps with radiotherapy side effects.