Petrified Wood Hearts

Petrified Wood Hearts

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Main stone:               Petrified Wood

Colour:                         Bowns

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Formed through the process of permineralization whereby wood is turned into stone, Petrified Wood carries the healing, soothing and stabilizing, energies of the Earth and nature spirits.

Known as the stone of transformation, it will help you to see your dreams and desires become reality especially regarding money and finances.

The provincial stone of Alberta.

A powerful grounding stone that will have you feeling deeply rooted and secure so that you can calm yourself and overcome any fear, anxiety, or panic attack.

An excellent meditation stone to help you discern what is and is not important so you can stop obsessing over the small stuff!

Provides the patience, commitment, discipline, and determination to see your goals to completion.

A great stone to bring luck and good fortune to a business.

This stone will infuse you with loving energy and light that will have you glowing with an inner radiance.

A great stone for helping you to stay calm and in the present moment when in an argument and helping you leave the past in the past.

Having this stone will help us to connect with both our environment and the vibrations of nature even when surrounded by concrete.

Perfect in a home with teenagers or where conflicts are common as it will help to calm heightened emotions and encourage peace and harmony.

An excellent stone for past life work due to its ancient energies. Pair with Obsidian, Howlite, amethyst or amber for an extra boost in past life regression work.


Improves the skeletal system, bone health, and osteoporosis.

Improves skin conditions.

Improves hair health and shine.

Aids with arthritis symptoms.

Treats Alzheimer’s.

Helps with dental issues.

Treats issues associated with chemical or radioactive pollution.

Helps with immune disorders.

Helps with blood clots, arterial sclerosis, and rheumatism.