Moonstone Black Free Form

Moonstone Black Free Form

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Main stone:               Moonstone


Colors present:         White, blue, green, yellow, black - multi coloured sheen

Size:                            Approx: 5.75 cm x 5.75 cm x 5.75 cm

Weight:                       Approx: 500g

Hardness:                   6 to 6.5  (Mohs Scale)


Prized for its feminine Goddess energy and its connection to the power of the full moon over the psychic and spiritual realms.

Associated with the crown and third eye chakras.

Great stone for healers as it protects the aura from unwanted energies and repels any negative influences or energies that may arise from therapy or healing sessions.

Useful in removing cords of other people’s emotions, projections, or needs that have hooked into your aura.

Moonstone is a highly spiritual stone that facilitates spiritual development and growth and will help you to connect to higher powers. 

Excellent for protecting financial wealth and attracting the resources necessary to reach financial goals.  Will also repel people and projects that are detrimental to your finances.

Used in the past life therapy to dissolve harmful cords that connect current life challenges to past life occurrences or ancient karmic debts.

Prepares the body and soul for the ascension process.

Yellow moonstone facilitates visualization, trance, and clairvoyance and enhances the highest levels of consciousness.

A protective stone for travel especially at night.

Known as the talisman of undying love in ancient times, moonstone will remove anger from relationship and allows one to accept love from others.

Moonstone will provide clarity in times of confusion allowing you to set aside any desires that do not align with your true wishes.  An essential for working through uncertainty in new relationships. 


Yellow moonstone supports the adrenal glands, spleen, liver, stomach, and gallbladder.

Rainbow moonstone can regulate metabolism and relieve stress.

Treat eye infections and blurry vision.

Balances hormones and treats menstrual cramps in women.

Good for gout and rheumatism.