Lemurian Seed Point
Lemurian Seed Point
Lemurian Seed Point
Lemurian Seed Point

Lemurian Seed Point

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Main stone:           Lemurian Seed

Colour:                     Smoky, golden, pink, apricot, blue   

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Believed to be sent to Earth from Lemuria by the High Priestess who encoded the ancient spiritual knowledge of Lemuria within the crystal in the way of grooves along the sides.  When you work with this crystal you will encourage spiritual ascension and unlock your inner wisdom.

Contains a feminine energy which makes the crystal a powerful receiver of information and healer allowing you to understand what is wrong and how to change it.

An amplifier that will provide you with clarity, awaken your inner vision, enhance your psychic visions, boost your clairaudience and clairvoyance, stimulate your third eye, open yourself up to telepathy and the ability to channel, raise your vibrations, and provide a strong connection to your spirit guides, guardian angels and the divine realms.

A powerful crystal for strengthening your healing and communicating abilities.  Holding the crystal allows the light within to travel through the body effectively clearing blockages and correcting imbalances.

An excellent crystal to carry for wealth and financial well-being.

Will help you through disappointments as well as the high of successes.

An excellent personal talisman as it will provide you with exactly what you need when you need it.  It will remove blockages in your path, provide you with the motivation to carry on and strengthen your self-confidence, self-respect, and personal identity.

Will allow you to open to new ideas that others aren’t able or willing to see.

A great crystal for highlighting the best path to take in your love life as it will open your heart chakra and make emotional healing and balance possible. This crystal will allow you to see which relationships are worth the effort and which ones are detrimental to your well-being.

Excellent for cutting emotional ties that no longer server you, facilitating healing from a traumatic experience, or cauterizing energy leaks from emotional wounds.

Amplifies your intentions to the universe.

A great crystal for enhancing dreams, recalling, and healing traumas from past lives, strengthening your intuition, astral travel, and accessing ancient knowledge.

Place on your throat chakra to open communication with higher beings.


Beneficial for circulatory disorders and spinal issues.

Removes toxins from the body.

Strengthens veins.

Removes abnormal growths from the body.

Reduces carpal tunnel symptoms.

Balances polarity and assists in cellular memory healing.

Helps with stroke recovery.

Lemurian Seed Point
Lemurian Seed Point