Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant

Larimar Pendant

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Main stone:                Larimar


Colors present:         Light to mid blue 

Size:                            Approx: 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm

Weight:                       Approx: 5 g

Hardness:                  4 to 7  (Mohs Scale) 


Will assist you in finding and recognizing your soul mate. 

Help to heal negative karma between soul mates by healing past life relationships and heart traumas.

Associated with the heart, crown and throat chakras and excellent in aiding the release of deep-rooted anger, pain, fear, and resentment.

Aids in the forgiveness of others and the release of ego-based feelings.

Soothes and heals emotions while relieving stress. 

Reminds you to be present and to live in the here and now.

Assists in clear communication and the ability to speak even when uncomfortable in a way that will be understood.

High vibration aids in entering a meditative state easily and assists in the ascension process.

Connects with angels and the Goddess within with its divine feminine energy.

Clears negative energies and other attachments and dissolves self-sabotaging behaviours.

Opens new dimensions and guides the soul on its true purpose in this life.


Helps to reduce fevers and infections and helps sunburns to heal faster.

Encourages the immune system to function at its peak.

Helps to balance thyroid and iodine levels within the body.

Removes energy blockages, aids inflammation, and soothes infections in the head, throat, neck, and chest areas.

Diminish the intensity and frequency of hot flashes.

Relieves high blood pressure and stress related illness. 

Useful for those who suffer from phobias or panic attacks as it can help you to remain calm and relaxed with its gentle tranquil energy.

Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant