Iolite Heart
Iolite Heart
Iolite Heart
Iolite Heart

Iolite Heart

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Main stone:               Iolite

Colour:                         lavender, blue, deep blue

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Called the Stone of the Muses for its ability to activate visions and unlock the imagination and creativity.

One of the most favoured stones for spiritual healing as it will unblock your Third Eye and activate your psychic gifts, connect you with your spirit guides, work with your shadow self, and guide you through your spiritual journey.

A stone of visions that will enhance your clairvoyance and intuitive abilities so that you will be able to make sense of why things happen as they do and why people act the way they do.

This stone will gift you with discernment and the trust necessary to act on your instincts and intuitive nudges to overcome your challenges.

Iolite will still the mind to allow for your inner voice to be heard more clearly.

A great stone for stimulating the mind, boosting intellect, enhancing memory, and opening yourself up to a higher level of awareness.

Combining with Petrified Wood will enhance your self-confidence, inner strength, and leadership abilities.

A great stone to help with clear communication and can help direct you to the right path.

A powerful stone to help you generate a steady flow of money to free yourself from debt by directing you towards lucrative opportunities and attracting wealth and abundance into your life.

A stone that will bring you synchronicities and positivity and will help bring you the confidence needed to forge your own way in this world.

A very healing stone that will help you to release old emotional wounds allowing you to move forward.

Will help to alleviate stress and anxiety in your relationships and help with peace, understanding, and acceptance.

A wonderful stone for encouraging trust and releasing fear of the unknown and the need to be in constant control.

Place in your office to support your business ventures, projects, and activities.

Use in meditation for powerful healing energies and guidance.

Will enhance your dreams.

Helps you to overcome bad addictions making room for healthier habits.


Protects against sickness.

Eliminates toxins and fatty deposits.

Treats fevers.

Regenerates the liver.

Boosts blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.

Help you quit certain addictions.

Treats heartburn, vomiting, and bloating.

Helps with stomach and bowel related issues.

Relieves the pain associated with migraines and eye strain.

Helps with sinus, throat, and respiratory issues.

Helps with varicose veins.

Iolite Heart
Iolite Heart