Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Free Form
Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Free Form
Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Free Form

Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Free Form

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Main stone:         Hematoid (Fire) Quartz

Colour:                  Clear with Black or red brown inclusions      

Size:                      Approx:

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An excellent grounding crystal that will calm and quiet the mind to allow you to properly process information.

Great for students as this stone will stimulate the mind for higher learning to reach your highest capacity, boost focus and concentration, increase memory retention, inspire creative and original thinking, enhance logical and critical thought processes, and help you find simple yet effective ways to solve your problems.

Promotes rational thinking and effective decision making by tempering emotions, removing mental stress, and enhancing clarity of the mind.

Ideal for people dealing with complex subjects or technical matters.

Enhances willpower, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect to effectively deal with life’s challenges.

Will inspire peace and happiness, optimism, and inner strength.

Combined with Zebra stone, Fire quartz will relieve fear, panic, and hysteria, instilling instead serenity, calmness, and security.

Will balance your yin and yang life energies, encourage spiritual development, and align with your divine purpose.

Will help you communicate with spirits in every dimension and astral travel.

An excellent crystal for cleansing and balancing the chakras as well as accepting and integrating your shadow self with your light self.

One of the most powerful healing crystals due to the stabilizing abilities of Hematite and the powerful frequencies of Quartz.

Attracts prosperous energies, luck, and good fortune.

A high vibration crystal that will transmute negative energies into more positive ones while also infusing the space with the pure Universal light of love.

A wonderful meditation crystal to help integrate and balance the mind, body, and spirit.


Excellent for general healing especially when combined with pyrite.

Eases leg cramps.

Treats anemia and blood disorders.

Speeds up the bodies healing process.

Treats anxiety, stress, and memory loss.

Strengthens liver and kidney functions.

Treats bone fractures and breaks.


Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Free Form