Flower Agate Free Form
Flower Agate Free Form
Flower Agate Free Form
Flower Agate Free Form

Flower Agate Free Form

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Main stone:         Flower Agate

Colour:                   Light pink with white inclusions        

Size:                      Approx:

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A stone for personal growth and manifestation that energizes our intentions, fights fears, and maximizes our potential.

This crystal embodies feminine divine energy and is the stone of Sacred Feminine Trinity through the unification of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.  This stone allows us to instill the innocence and jubilation of the Maiden, to trust in the creation and direction from the Mother and to tap into the wisdom of the Crone.

Fosters empathy, inner peace, and inspiration.

Connects our heart and root chakras effectively bridging emotions and reality.  This will help to expose traumas that we carry at a deep core level to encourage healing.

Helps one to blossom into their full potential through self-discovery and protects from fear and self-doubt.

Will help to illuminate your destiny and the path to get you there.

This stone will aid one in pursuing and achieving their dreams and living life to their fullest.

A fantastic stone for entrepreneurs wishing to grow and flourish their business or those wishing to start a new venture.

A get it done stone that removes feelings of procrastination and stagnation.

Help us to remain on the path of light, protecting us from the darkness that prevents us from moving forward.

A great stone for anyone who has experienced a significant trauma in their life.  This stone will help you to heal and learn from the past, discover and live in the present, and to develop an enthusiasm for what the future holds.


Helps to alleviate stress related ailments.

Regulates organ function.

Flower Agate Free Form
Flower Agate Free Form