Danburite Specimen
Danburite Specimen
Danburite Specimen
Danburite Specimen

Danburite Specimen

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Main stone:                Danburite


Colors present:         White or tinted with other colors

Size:                            Approx

Weight:                       Approx

Hardness:                   7  (Mohs Scale)


Danburite emits a pure loving energy that will surround you in peace and tranquility.

Resonates with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The closest to and best substitution for a diamond that is available.

Danburite has one of the highest vibrations of any stone and it is no wonder that it is known to foster deep spiritual enlightenment and self-love.

Danburite is renowned for linking and aligning the heart, the mind and the spirit.

This stone is a powerful enhancer of intellect, perception, and higher consciousness.

Allows us to create our dream life by showing us all that needs to change and reveals the course of action that we need to take to achieve this vision.

A stone to connect us with our guides, both spiritual and angelic.

Provides strength, courage, and confidence through changes, challenges and difficulties.

Enhances communication and your ability to articulate your ideas.

Danburite will enhance sleep and lucid dreaming when placed under the pillow or by the bed.

Will purify the energy of the home and raise the vibration of your space.

Eases anxiety and stress.

The different colors of Danburite will have all of these properties listed with the added energies associated with the specific color it is tinted with.

Pink - Love and relationships

Blue - Spiritual development

Gold - Career and financial endeavours



Detoxifies the body

Alleviates chronic symptoms

Clears allergies

Will aid in healing liver and gallbladder issues

Can aid in motor and muscular functions

Will aid you in maintaining a healthy weight through weight loss or gain.

Danburite Specimen
Danburite Specimen