Coppernite Heart
Coppernite Heart
Coppernite Heart
Coppernite Heart

Coppernite Heart

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Main stone:                Coppernite

Colors present:         Black and dark brown with metallic patches or flecks

Size:                            Approx: 

Weight:                       Approx: 

Hardness:                  5.5 to 6  (Mohs Scale)


Coppernite is a powerful stone associated with the Root and Earth star Chakras and the element of earth. This stone is from India and is of a similar vibration thus sharing similar properties to the rare and ancient “Sorcerer’s Stone”, Nuummite.

This stone holds a gentle masculine energy and offers protection from harm.

The energies of Coppernite are all about balance of your spirit and connecting to your true self.

This crystal will open and activate your higher chakras pulling the vibrations down and through to your root chakra.

Will assist you in soul retrieval work, journeying, working through karmic debts, and cord cutting.

Allows you to channel spiritual wisdom and strengthen your aura.

Awakens and enhances intuition, strengthens your clairvoyance, aids in personal power development, and brings in more magic and luck into your life.

Circulates energy preventing stagnant energy and the feeling of being stuck.

Heals relationships and promotes stability.

Assists in grounding one to the physical plane while also being mindful of the spiritual plane.

Provides clarity and purity of the thought processes.

Removes fears and anxiety and allows one to move forward with confidence and courage. 


Relieves stress

Protects from nightmares

Strengthens the kidneys and brain

Coppernite Heart
Coppernite Heart