Chakra Roller Blend - Heart

Chakra Roller Blend - Heart

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Open your centre for love, compassion, generosity, and respect for both yourself and others with this blend of essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base infused with crystals and herbs.

Roll onto pulse points, chest, and upper abdomen and inhale the aroma to awaken, align and balance your heart chakra and get in touch with your personal truths!

Essential Oils:

Pine- Cleansing, invigorating, and purifying, relieves fatigue, very protective of your energy, helps to release resentment and bitterness

Rosemary- Improves mental focus and memory, stimulating, clears the mind, helps to transition between states of consciousness

Peppermint- alleviates depression and mental fatigue, enhances concentration and focus, refreshes the spirit, promotes mindfulness

Eucalyptus- Soothes and calms, enhances concentration, refreshing and stimulating, promotes mindfulness, releases frustrations

Spearmint- Refreshing, energizing and uplifting

Lime- Cleanses the aura, purifies and renews the spirit, assists in finding inner peace, helps to connect with spirit guides and angels

Chamomile- Calms emotional outbursts, alleviates stress, aids in connecting with divine guidance through dreams

Rose Petals- The flower of love, enhances psychic connections and dreamwork, brings luck, truth, and confidence

Green Aventurine- harmonizes the lower 3 chakras with upper 3 chakras, alleviates fear and anxiety, nurtures human connection and forgiveness

Rose Quartz- encourages unconditional love and compassion of oneself and others, boosts self-esteem, encourages respect, understanding, and forgiveness.