Bronzite Pyramid - Medium
Bronzite Pyramid - Medium
Bronzite Pyramid - Medium
Bronzite Pyramid - Medium

Bronzite Pyramid - Medium

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Main stone:             Bronzite

Colour:                       Chocolate brown with golden swirls 

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A protective stone that will ward off negative energy, psychic attacks, hexes, and curses.

Will help to remove old behaviours and break karmic bonds.

Helps to transmute feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress into peace and tranquility.

Provides motivation and resilience to reach your goals.

A stone that will connect you to your spirit guides and ancestors.

A powerful stone for manifestation, wealth, and abundance.

Cleanses all your chakras.

A great shamans stone for journeying both physically and dimensionally.

Bronzite helps us to let go of fears and indecisiveness when it comes to money and wealth and will help with the confidence needed to take calculated risks to be able to achieve your desires.

Helps to maintain professionalism, calm, and clear mindedness in a customer focused work setting.

Enhances your self-worth to prevent you from being manipulated, intimidated, or taken advantage of in relationships.

A powerful stone that will help you to value personal space and set healthy boundaries in a relationship and respect both yourself and your partner.

This stone will help you to see what you truly desire while also taking responsibility for your actions.

The perfect stone for situations where your feel powerless or overwhelmed as it will boost your self-esteem and remove your doubt and fears.

This stone will help you to uncover your hidden talents and enhance your creative side.


Purifies the blood.

Alleviates cramping.

Helps with iron deficiencies.

Balances the acidity and alkalinity in the body.

Helps with allergies and skin diseases.

Removes ulcers on the organs.

Bronzite Pyramid - Medium
Bronzite Pyramid - Medium