Aventurine Green - Heart
Aventurine Green - Heart
Aventurine Green - Heart

Aventurine Green - Heart

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Main stone:               Aventurine


Colors present:         Green, red, pink, yellow, peach, and blue

Size:                            Approx

Weight:                       Approx

Hardness:                  6 to 7  (Mohs Scale)


Associated with the Heart and Solar plexus Chakras, Aventurine helps us to harmonize our lower three chakras with our upper three chakras, creating an essential balance.

Strongly connected with the earth element and the powers of nature.

Envelops us in a secure energy letting us know in our hearts that we are safe and protected.  Only then can we begin to quiet our ego minds and the thoughts of fear and doubt it projects and start listening to the much softer voice of the heart creating inner peace.

Aventurine encourages one to slow down and let things unfold naturally.

This stone embodies acceptance of human nature and forgiveness.

Alleviates feelings of anxiety and fear as well as restlessness and allows us to relax, breathe, and just enjoy the now moment.

Aventurine brings in gratitude for the little things in life that are often overlooked.

Opens up the ability to form meaningful relationships and improve the ones you have.

Helps to open up communication in romantic relationships and maintain harmony.

This stone brings in more compassion and empathy allowing you to see other people’s perspectives.  Also allows one to be more generous.

Awakens the imagination.

Known as “the stone of the Amazons”, Aventurine will help you channel your inner warrior.

Can help alleviate the winter blues as it is connected to spring and sunshine.

Placing a piece in high tension rooms can help to dispel negative energy and stop the arguments before they even have a chance to start.


Alleviates headache with a touch of the cool stone on the temple.

Will also alleviate stomach aches, joint pain, or muscle cramps.

Relieves cold symptoms and cough.

Helps to prevent illness before it manifests into the physical.

Aventurine Green - Heart