Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower

Aragonite Tower

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Main stone:         Aragonite

Colour:                          Colorless with yellow to orangish tinges

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Connected with Earth energy to revitalize and align your body, mind, and soul, this crystal will help you be firmly grounded, allow you to release excess energy and help you overcome the noise of the mind and attune to the stillness of your soul.

Known as the Conservationists Stone, Aragonite is aligned with the Earth Goddess, and will encourage you and others around you to respect the resources this planet has to offer and live a more environmentally and sustainable life.  This will bring in the energies of compassion, abundance, prosperity, and stability into your life.

A perfect stone for raising your vibration and stimulating your mind and energy and allowing yourself to slow down enough to enjoy the simplest pleasures life has to offer!

This stone is sought after for its ability to raise your kundalini energy and connect with your spirit guides.

Will dispel depression, stress, feelings of isolation, and mood swings.

Will help to bring tranquility and peace into even the most chaotic situations.

Provides emotional support for those suffering from pain and grief.

Can help with providing clarity of what is important amidst the chaos.

Enhances Strength, courage, and confidence to stand strong and not waiver in our convictions.

This stone has a comforting energy that can diffuse a tense situation.

A stone of productivity that will banish procrastination and enhance your reliability and responsibility.

Provides clarity, mental agility, motivation, and the ability to function efficiently in a stressful situation.

This stone will help you find solutions to tough problems especially in business and money matters.

Will allow you to receive criticism gracefully and allow you to remain patient and composed even under the toughest circumstances!

Pair with selenite to experience inter-dimensional travel.


Activates relaxant hormones in your brain.

Boost immunity.

Fights infections.

Enhance calcium absorption.

Alleviates pain and chills.

Helps to alleviate cold hands and feet.

Helps with vitamin A and D deficiencies
Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower
Aragonite Tower