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Main stone:         Anorthosite


Colour:                       Grey to dark grey/black

Size:                            Approx:

Weight:                       Approx:


Also known as Northosite and Mystery Stone as it is linked to ancient civilizations and cultures of the past.

This stone connects with the Earth Star Chakra, Root Chakra, and the Third Eye Chakra.

Made from the same mineral as found on the moon.

A very grounding stone that allows you to connect with higher dimensions to clearly see your path.

A wonderful stone for astral travel with both its grounding and ascension capabilities.

Awakens your psychic abilities and the ability to receive higher guidance.

This stone will bring forth memories from past lives.

A protective stone that clears and thwarts all negative energies from your auric field.

The energies of this stone will fill you with tranquility.

This is a great stone for bringing to light emotional traumas, and self-sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back from true happiness.

A powerful therapeutic tool that will highlight the areas where energy work is needed to bring the body back into alignment.

A great stone for students for its ability to stimulate those “ah ha” moments of creative genius and understanding. 

Also perfect for those who have ADHD tendencies as this stone will help to calm hyperactivity, quiet an overactive mind, and regulate an overactive endocrine system.

This stone will also help you to release feelings anxiety, stress, and tension.

Will provide a clarity of mind and the confidence to deal with challenges, insecurities, or change in general.


Learning disabilities

Brain Function


Recovery from strokes